Needs Assessment 0

Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

Place a check mark beside each of the activities you have completed to date.

Attending to the Basics

❧ Have obtained professional advice regarding separation agreement/severance
❧ Have received sound financial advice regarding severance payment, RRSPs, tax implications, etc
❧ Have filed claim for E.I. (Employment Insurance) Have met with banker
❧ Have developed interim budget
❧ Have negotiated a continuation of benefits (health care, dental plan, etc.)
❧ Have obtained letters of reference from former employer Have obtained a signed separation agreement

Dealing with the Impact of Loss

❧ Have examined the effects of the loss on me emotionally
❧ Have examined the effects of the loss on me physically
❧ Have identified ways that the loss has affected my behavior
❧ Have replaced self-defeating behaviors with self-affirming behaviors
❧ Have examined the impact of the loss of my family
❧ Have established effective coping techniques

Accessing Resources

Have accessed resources regarding the following:

❧ job loss
❧ career exploration/planning
❧ job search
❧ summary writing
❧ interview skills
❧ returning to school
❧ entrepreneurship

Developing a Support Network

❧ Have identified family and friends who are supportive
❧ Have asked for support
❧ Have identified ways to support me
❧ Have identified and accessed community and public support services

Moving on

❧ Have explored all available options such as an occupational change, entrepreneurship, etc.
❧ Have identified potential barriers to success
❧ Have developed plans to overcome potential barriers
❧ Have decided which option(s) I will pursue
❧ Have established short-term and long-term goals for myself
❧ Have developed a plan of action

1.  Examine all the statements in which you DID NOT place a check mark.

2.  Mark these statements in order of priority to you by numbering them as 1, 2, 3, etc.

3.  Proceed to the section(s) of this website that deals with these areas and issues.

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