Organization Culture Assessment 0

Organization Culture Assessment

Read each statement and designate each point with a comment (VI, SI, NI) that is appropriate for you.


VI = Very Important
SI = Somewhat Important
NI = Not Important

 1. Organization’s mission clearly understood by all employees.

 2. Healthy level of loyalty to the organization.

 3. The organization does what it says it will do.

 4. Positive behaviors consistently demonstrated by employees.

 5. Organization reinforces the balance between its needs and employees’ needs.

 6. Management practices are consistent and predictable.

 7. The organization develops good leaders.

 8. High retention of good people.

 9. Good internal communication.

10. Developmental feedback given at all levels in the organization.

11. Organization encourages innovation.

12. Creativity and innovation rewarded.

13. Organization encourages employee input.

14. People are treated fairly and with respect.

15. Organization demonstrates that employees are its greatest asset.

16. Employee involvement in decision making.

17. Organization responds to employee input (follow-up)

18. Physical facilities are attractive and conducive to productivity.

19. Learning environment.

20. Salaries compatible with the level of responsibilities.

21. Salaries consistent with the marketplace.

22. Employment and compensation practices demonstrate equal opportunity.

23. The quality of fringe benefits comparable to the market.

24. Individual contributions recognized (pay for performance).

25. Commitment to employee professional and personal development.

26. Support of career development.

Now rank your “vital” in order of priority and add them to your “Wish List” page