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Thank You Note

Develop the practice of handwriting on personal stationery or small note paper a personal “thank you” to the people who:

☞ call you in for an interview
☞ agree to meet with you to give you information or suggestions related to your job search
☞ give you job leads
☞ turn you down for a job

12345 – 100 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5T 5T5

August 6, 2002

Bell Telephone

9999 – 99 Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta T4T 4T4

Dear ____________________:

Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you yesterday to discuss the (position). I found our meeting very informative and more than ever I am convinced that I would be able to contribute to your branch’s objectives.

Please feel free to call if there is any additional information I can provide to help you in your decision-making.


Billy The Kids Brother
Thank You Notes create a very favorable impression and are powerful remembrances of you. After being advised advised that you weren’t the chosen candidate on a job, express disappointment in the decision, reinforce your continued interest in gaining employment in the company, and thank them for the opportunity you had to meet them and discuss your background with them.

12345 -100 Street

Edmonton, Alberta T5T 5T5

May 1, 1997

Bell Telephone
9999 – 99 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T4T 4T4

Dear _______________:

I appreciate the time and interest you gave me Tuesday. Our discussion was both helpful and inspiring to me.

Job search in this competitive market is challenging, to say the least. Your feedback and leads have given me renewed optimism.

I’ve already contacted John Ormsky at National Energy, as you suggested. We have a meeting scheduled for Friday.

Thanks again!


Billy The Kid’s Brother
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