Facts On Affairs 0

Facts on Affairs

Since 70% of marriages are affected by affairs, you need to know the facts:

☹ Those who have affairs are more likely to divorce.

☹ Over 75% of affair marriages end in divorce.

☹ Women under thirty are as likely as men to have an affair.

☹ Love affairs are different from sex affairs.

☹ Religion is not a deterrent of affairs.

☹ Men and women have love affairs for the same reasons but sex affairs for various reasons.

☹ Around 15% of women and 25% of men have more than four affairs during their married life.

☹ Most affairs last between 2 – 3 years while some last a lifetime, but the consequences also can last a lifetime.

☹ Fewer than 10% of affairees divorce their spouse then marry their lover.

☹ Over 75% of those who do divorce and marry their lover divorce again.

☹ Nearly 80% of those who divorce during an affair are sorry later.

☹ For those whose marriages survive an affair, recovery takes between 1 and three years.

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