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Reasons Men Have Affairs

Traditionally, men think of sex as being separate from love. They are more likely than women to think of sex as recreation, a conquest or fun.

Their affairs are often sporadic and opportunistic. The affair may be as simple as a single sexual encounter while traveling or an occasional tryst while their wife is out of town.

Wives may be surprised to find out that their husbands may have sex affairs because of the husband’s sexual problems. While men may encounter sexual problems with their wife, they many have no difficulty when they are with someone with whom they have no emotional involvement.

Top 7 Reasons Men Have Affairs

1. Sexual variety he enjoys more than one sex partner

2. More sex greater quantity of sex

3. Opportunity, a woman, is available for sex, and he believes he won’t get caught

4. Challenge he enjoys the chase and the catch

5. Seduction he enjoys flirting and romance

6. Wife unavailable his wife is out of town, working late or has a recent pregnancy

7. Sexual dysfunction he has difficulty performing sexually with his wife but not with other partners

Dr. Halper interviewed 4,126 male business leaders, executives, and professionals and reported the highest rate of affairs garnered from any survey: 88% of the men questioned acknowledged their involvement in at least one affair.

A 1995 Canadian study by Daniel Pérusse showed that single men with high income, education, and job status had much busier sex lives than men with lower status. The high-status men had sex with more different women more often than any other group of men.

The highest incidence of affairs is among the following occupational groups: businesspeople, professionals such as attorneys, physicians and dentists, executives, salespersons, pilots, truck drivers, and sailors.

Multiple studies report that men with high incomes are more likely than men with lower incomes to have affairs. Research and anecdotal evidence show that affluent men have the greatest number of sexual partners before and during their marriages.

Men hire prostitutes

The Kinsey Institute New Report on Sex, published in 1991, says that one-third of the men they surveyed acknowledged having sex with a prostitute at least once in their lives. Oral sex was the first choice, and intercourse was the second. While most encounters with prostitutes are strictly sexual, some prostitutes report that their clients want conversation and affection.

The early Kinsey study of 1953 reported that two-thirds of men said they had been to a prostitute, probably related to the number of men in military service during World War II, who were stationed away from home.

The number of men having sex with prostitutes is further evidence of the importance of casual sex to men. Men find sex with a prostitute to be something very different from sex with someone they care about. Some men feel freer and more relaxed when there is no emotional relationship with their sexual partner.

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