Sensual Affairs 0

Sensual Affairs

Sensual affairs are primarily sexual but with a sensitivity to the physical pleasure of one another. The affairees care about one another and like one another, although not much time is spent talking. They experiment with everything from massage oils to whipped cream.

If they can find a new position or play a new game, they are delighted. They have fun together and enjoy the passion of the moment. Sensual affairees believe these affairs are unrelated to their relationship with their spouse or that the affair has a positive impact on their marriage. Their physical relationship can span decades, but they never shared day-to-day life. One of the main reasons sensual affairs are long-lasting is that they are emotionally positive with no demands.

Sensual affairs provide self-esteem – a sense of acceptance, arousal, excitement, fantasy, tenderness, thrill, pleasure, eroticism, mischievousness, delight, desire, devilishness.

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