Bridge Affairs 0

Bridge Affairs

Bridge affairs occur during transitions. They happen to people who want casual, fun and ego-enhancing experiences. They are likely to occur during positive transitions such as a promotion, award, the spouse starting a new or better job, the birth of a child or a move to a new home. Often with success, there is a new sense of competence and a desire for a special reward, to be with someone who is appreciative, easy to please and fun.

Bridge affairs also occur during bad times, when the affairee wants someone who will support, comfort and understand the affairee’s failure, disappointment, and distress.

Bridge affairs are short-lived, lasting less than a year, and seldom disrupts the marriage. Only a few are discovered.

Bridge affairs provide a safety – a sense of options and choices, sense of belonging – a sense of inclusion, loved and were loved – sense of acceptance, and self-esteem – sense of appreciation.

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