Why Is Research Important? 0

Why is Research Important to Us?

What is Research?

Research is another word for gathering information. The more information we gather, the closer we get to our career target. Research skills help us make our decisions. For example, research can mean talking to people about their jobs and asking them the right questions to get the information.

Research is easier than you might think. Every time we talk to someone we can be doing research; it can be as easy as that!

Research skills help us find our direction.


Helps us find details about our choices
Lets us explore options with little risk
Helps us see more in each choice
Used in any job
Opens us up to new ways of learning
Helps us change old patterns of thinking that keep us in a rut
Helps us create other choices
Helps us handle change better
Helps us make healthy life decisions

Research skills help us find facts to work with.

Why is Research Important?

Your career is important to you. You want to make right decisions; decisions that are best for you. To make wise decisions, you need information. Research helps you find the information you need. The more you know about your career choices, the easier it is to pick one.

By doing the research, you may find that you’re not heading in the right direction. The research will give you a warning so that you can adjust your career decisions and still land on target. For instance, if you know the qualifications needed before starting to upgrade, you will not be surprised later.

You may encounter something you’d never considered. Maybe you’ll need to go back and research your other choices before making a decision.

I know whenever I make a decision I take a risk – perhaps it’ll work out, maybe it won’t. Research helps me to know what to expect before I decide. Research gives me information so I can make an informed decision.

Gathering information takes time. The more time I spend on research, the more likely I will land on my career target.

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