Tips For Improving Your Coping Skills 0


– 1) Accept responsibility for your life
– 2) Be objective
– 3) Know your inner resources
– 4) Take a positive approach
– 5) Be realistic and flexible
– 6) Recognize the danger signs
– 7) Don’t attempt to cope alone
– 8) Take it one step at a time
– 9) Take control of your life

Thus far we’ve discussed mainly the unpleasant side of a lay-off, and ways to cope during the tough times. Let’s take a moment to explore the flip-side of the coin, so to speak, the silver lining they say exists in each cloud.

Can you identify anything positive that has resulted from your lay-off? When asked this question, many interviewed people were able to easily identify the gains. For others, it took more serious reflection and a truly open mind before they could acknowledge one or two positive changes created by the lay-off.

The following is a sampling of some of the benefits interviewees identified as a result of their lay-offs:

– More time with spouse/partner
– More time with children
– More time for hobbies/leisure activities
– Time for self
– Time to get involved in community activities/volunteer work
– Reduced level of stress
– Opportunity to explore options (new occupation, retraining, etc.).
– A fresh start.
– Increase in salary and benefits at new job.
– Time to participate in special interest courses.
– Severance provided income to start new business.
– Opportunity to make a much needed change.
– Re-organized priorities.
– New friends/contacts.

So, Where’s the Silver Lining?