Do You Know The Core Issues To Job Dissatisfaction? 0

With any dissatisfaction, the first step is resolving the conflict between head and heart. Emotion is a guiding signal. When apathy, resentment, and depression set in then it is a sign something must change. This something could be in the heart or the head (a change of perspective). Apathy is stagnation or lack of movement, and by its very meaning indicates movement, and so the deadlock is broken.

We all need to feel important and that we are contributing in a worthwhile way. You have one of two choices, either find something to engage yourself in at work, or to change your career path. For most people, the second option is what is needed, though they fear it the most. They have taken a job that offers ‘financial security’ instead of following their dreams; and so imagination, inspiration and motivation all atrophy.

However, these dreams do not indeed die and will reawaken with the right guidance. By clearing the fears and ‘what ifs’ around change, and in this case specifically the change of career, then his head will no longer try to suppress his heart. He is one step closer to resolving the inner conflict that causes the tension is experienced, and reflected, in all areas of his life.

To fully release your fears often in one short session, try using Energy Psychology Techniques such as EFT. There are frequently a collection of fears, and each particular concern can be identified and treated. Examples include the fear of not having enough money should things go wrong; the fear of not being good enough in the new career; the fear of being successful and the responsibility that would bring. It is these concerns that cloud or blocks our motivation or desire to change.

Many people go to motivational seminars or listen to motivational audio’s to find the inspiration to change their lives. The only problem is they are feeding on someone else’s motivational energy. Shortly after the seminar this energy fades and they are back where they started. The derivative of the word motivation is from the word motive meaning ‘the reason why. It is essential if we want to have lasting motivation we discover our personal reason why, our purpose.

When we have a purpose, we feel important, and so our lives have to mean again. Friedrich Nietzsche once observed, “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” To achieve maximum motivation and to discover life purpose there is a very simple formula: Max Motivation = Passion + Purpose. Otherwise stated as find what you most enjoy in life, give it a purpose, and you will find motivation to achieve it.

Life is on average only 4000 weeks long. With only seven days in every week, you do not have time to sit waiting for life to get better. You create your life through the choices you make. Being restricted by the fears and limiting beliefs you have established over a lifetime, many may have come directly from your parents or society. Every excuse you have for life not being different is just that, an excuse. It is a reflection of those fears and beliefs that have limited you for so long.

Don’t waste another day, learn some techniques such as EFT that will erase those fears and limiting beliefs and set you free to live your life with passion and purpose. By reflecting this new sense of joy for life in your working life, your personal life and your overall experience of life. A final thought from Howard Wight, “If you are ultimately going to do something important that will make a real difference, do it now.”