Expectations of a Supervisor/Manager 0

Expectations of a Supervisor/Manager

Read each statement and designate each point with a comment (VI, SI, NI) that is appropriate for you.

Key:VI = Very Important
SI = Somewhat Important
NI = Not Important
1.Is fair with all.
2.Is technically knowledgeable and competent.
3.Delegates work, stating clearly the objectives and time-line requirements.
4.Gives the necessary authority as well as responsibility.
5.Allows me to have control and a fair degree of autonomy in doing my work.
6.Provides necessary training and development.
7.Encourage creativity.
8.Is available when I need to refer a problem.
9.Is decisive.
10.Gives credit for good work.
11.Gives developmental feedback on an ongoing basis.
12.Backs up her/his staff when needed.
13.Is friendly and acknowledges members of the work team daily.
14.Criticizes the problem behavior, not me, when my performance is a problem.
15.Keeps the work team informed regarding the organization’s issues/expectations.
16.Approaches goal-setting as a shared process.
17.Is committed to compensating team members fairly and equitability.
18.Holds regular performance reviews.
19.Is a resource in my career development.
20.Helps me learn from my mistakes.
21.Is a positive role model.
22.Is an inspiring coach.
23.Is honest and operates with integrity.

Now rank your “very important” in order of priority and add them to your “Wish List” page.

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