In-Love Affairs 0

In-Love Affairs

In-love affairs occur when the amphetamine high from an increased level of phenylethylamine (PEA), an amphetamine-type hormone that gives us an “in love” high or sense of romantic love, drives the lovers beyond reason into a blind passion, which is the kind of love the hero dies for in the movies, risking fame, fortune, everything for “true love.”

In-love affairs are often reckless, unrealistic, compelling, obsessive, intense and passionate. The lovers feel pain and agony in the absence of one another and euphoria when they are together.

In-love affairs compete directly with marriage and even replace the marital relationship. In-love affairs stimulated by biological mating drives are experienced both physically and emotionally. This intense obsession lasts anywhere from a few weeks to a maximum of two to four years, but it does end.

The sad thing about in-love affairs is the high price paid when a family crumbles, only to have the feelings that drove the decision change. The lovers later find they do not know each other as well as they imagined, and they’re usually not as compatible as hoped.

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