Leisure Priorities and Goals 0

1. Think about how you like to spend your leisure or spare time.
❢ Ask yourself “Which leisure activities do I particularly enjoy and want to include as part of my lifestyle?”
❢ Jot down those recreational activities you value as being truly important in your life.

2. Ask yourself “Am I doing all the things I want to be doing with my spare time? If not, what’s stopping me from spending my leisure time the way I want?”

3. After you’ve listed all the things that are preventing you from enjoying specific activities, look them over and determine the ones you have control over.

Jot down changes you can make. Here are a few examples:

❢ playing soccer
❢ work evening
❢ alternate work schedules
❢ start a team with others during the day
❢ look at two people only activities (i.e., playing tennis).
❢ Consider individual activities (i.e., cycling, jogging).
❢ “ethnic cooking,” no time to read special cookbooks, can’t seem to plan– try an unusual dish once a month, take a class( es) start a gourmet club with friends.
❢ take daily walks– too busy, too tired, always put it off, start with 10-minute walks for a month, build up to 30-minute walks, get a dog.

Establish your leisure priorities, barriers and action plan.

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