Things You Can Do For Yourself 0

As part of your job search keep all your documentation together. Create a workbook in a three-ring binder which you may choose to tab with different sections. For example, you could have a section called “Portfolio” for skills inventories, accomplishments, and job-related needs and wants. Another section labeled “Employers” could include names, phone numbers, dates contacted, outcomes and follow-up for all potential employers you contact. Another section might be “Ideas for Job Leads.” Use the Contact Sheet to record your job leads and contacts.

Whatever system you prefer, set it up, so you will have a means for recording your actions and seeing your progress. You will impress your employer contacts with your organizational skills. And, most important, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips to help you succeed in your job search.

Be Creative.

Developing ideas is crucial to successful job search. You need to be creative to get the edge and to stand out from the crowd.

You might further stimulate your creativity by doing specific exercises. For example, think of an object — a brick, a pen, a phone. What are all of the things you could do with this object? The object is to expand your thinking — to generate an unlimited number of original ideas, no matter how ridiculous. Get into the habit of allowing yourself to be ridiculous. Some of the best solutions to problems have come out of “silly” ideas.

Reward Yourself.

Job search is hard work. It takes a lot of time and energy. Be sure to make time each day to reward yourself for your efforts and restore your energy.

Create a Reward List of things you enjoy.

In your “Reward List” include things you have been attracted to but may not have made time.

Some of the following may appeal to you::
– take a long, perfumed bubble bath by candlelight with music
– run/jog
– work out
– walk the dog
– go for a bike ride
– read a book or magazine, cover to cover
– watch a favorite movie
– do a crossword puzzle
– arrange for a massage
– listen to your favorite music
– walk in a park
– visit a museum
– attend a free concert
– draw
– lift weights
– build models
– skate
– read cartoon books or comics
– dance
– do some gardening

Select at least one reward for yourself each day from your Reward List.

Make a list of the people in your life whom you enjoy being around — people who give you a lift and help you feel confident. Include them in your “rewarding” activities.

Pat yourself on the back and give yourself the energy boost you need to set yourself up for the next day of your job search.